2D2C, Inc. is the founding company of Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupter (EFCI) technology.

2D2C, Inc. has developed innovative and patented technologies that can significantly reduce household electrical fires (Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupter, EFCI) and electrocutions (Shock Fault Circuit Interrupter, SFCI). These technologies are easy to use and implement. They can be installed in existing homes without replacing any of the existing electrical distribution system.

SafePlug® receptacles are the first product to employ Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupter (EFCI) and Shock Fault Circuit Interrupter (SFCI) technologies. For more information on SafePlug receptacles visit www.safeplug.com.


SafePlug Model 1300 (left) & Model 1200 (right)
contain EFCI and SFCI technologies for electrical
fire and shock protection.

SafePlug receptacles with Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupter (EFCI) technlogy

The Household Electrical Fire Problem

Every year, tens of thousands of severe household electrical fires claim hundreds of lives. In addition, electrical fires burn and mutilate thousands of people. Electrical fires also cause about a billion dollars in property damage. 1,2

It is further estimated that nearly a million additional, less severe, annual household electrical fires go unreported in the United States alone. 1

1: CPSC “2002 - 2004 Residential Fire Loss Estimates”
2: NFPA “Fire Loss in the US during 2005”